Please review our overview of services we can provide for you and your family. If you are a school, daycare center, or other organization supporting children, please reach out to learn how Kids Can Cope can support you! 

Kids Can Cope can offer in person, zoom, or phone sessions. At this time, we are unable to accept insurance. Please contact us for pricing. We do offer a sliding scale. 

Covid-19 policy for in person visits: Please ensure all adults present are wearing a mask. Child Life Specialist will also be wearing one. If you have any symptoms of Covid or have traveled recently please let us know. Jessica has received the Covid vaccine and is considered fully vaccinated. 

Support for Military Families​

- education about separations/deployments for children

- Therapeutic activities to enhance understanding and promote positive coping

- education and therapeutic activities in relation to illness or loss related to the military

Grief Support​

- preparation and support for funerals and memorial services

- education on how children grieve

- legacy and memorial making

- education and therapeutic activities to process death

​Support for medical experiences

​- education/preparation for upcoming surgeries

- education/preparation for upcoming procedures (ie, MRI, CT, etc)

- promoting positive coping for medical experiences

- processing medical procedures/surgeries/hospitalizations upon return home

Illness Support​

- Promoting a developmental understanding of an illness 

- Therapeutic activities to understand and cope with illness

- support for school re-entry after a diagnosis/missed school for illness

​Support for Dental Visits

- education/preparation for dental cleanings/ general dental care​

- education/preparation for fillings, dental surgery, etc​
- activities to promote positive coping for dental experiences
- processing dental procedures/visits upon return home

Child Life Student Support​

- mentoring

- practicum/internship guidance virtually

- interview skills

Please email for more info

Articles & Resources
Free Consultation​

- free 15 minute phone consultation to find out you and your families needs.