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Kids Can Cope is a private practice service that
reduces stress and anxiety for kids and families
related to medical care and
other challenging life events. Preparation,
medical education and therapeutic play sessions
are led by an experienced Certified Child Life Specialist
to allow kids and their families to process
their experience and promote positive coping.


Pediatrician Examining Infant
Vaccinating A Child
Little Boy Playing Doctor
& Resources


American Academy of Pediatrics Statement on Child Life Services

Association of Child Life Professionals

The Association that represents the Child Life Profession and supports Child Life Specialists​​

As a Certified Child Life Specialist, army brat, and army spouse, Jessica has a unique understanding of the challenges military life can bring. Jessica can help your child understand and cope with military related separations, injuries, and loss. 

Support for Military Families

Whether your child needs surgery, vaccines, or other medical care, Certified Child Life Specialists can help your child cope with these experiences. 

Support for Medical Experiences
Support for Dental Visits

Is your child fearful of dental visits? Is it their first visit? Child life specialists can help prepare your child for their experience, promoting positive coping to get through their visit with decreased stress and anxiety. 

Grief Support

As a Certified Child Life Specialist and Certified Grief Counselor, Jessica has specialized training in helping children and their families understand how children grieve. If you and your family is experiencing a loss, please reach out to see how you can be helped. 

Illness Support

Whether it is a sibling, an adult or themselves, children are impacted by a medical diagnosis. Through education, play and expressive activities, Certified Child Life Specialists can help your child come to a healthy, accurate understanding of the illness. 

The Child Life Profession is a competitive field. Through mentorship, Kids Can Cope can help students be prepared for their practicum, internship, and professional careers. 

Child Life Student Support
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