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May is Celiac Disease Awareness Month

Here at Kids Can Cope, LLC we would like to highlight an amazing organization that supports children with celiac disease. R.O.C.K or Raising Our Celiac Kids, which is part of the National Celiac Foundation. ROCK is a great resource for newly diagnosed children and their families.

This foundation has a great website dedicated to newly diagnosed parents and kids (young kids to teens). On the site there are resources such as allowed and not-allowed food lists , how to read food labels, confusing ingredients and blogs with some great information about school meals and other topics. The website also helps with information on 504 plans and being gluten-free at school. There are also clinicians who have answered some frequently asked questions about celiac.

ROCK provides age-appropriate education about celiac while also providing support. Since celiac is a disease that comes with some complicated lifestyle changes having organizations like ROCK are fantastic resources for patients and families.

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