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Wonders and Worries Program

When a parent, caregiver, or sibling is diagnosed with cancer or another chronic illness, it can be difficult to help the other children in the family cope with and understand what is happening. As a result, many parents and caregivers withhold information because they are unsure how to handle the situation. Certified Child Life Specialists are professionally trained to help educate and support children and families through these challenging times. Through the wonders and worries program, we can help your family navigate this uncertain time. 


The wonders and worries program is a 6 session illness education and support curriculum that has been validated by a randomized clinical trial. Families who receive the Wonders & Worries model of support have consistently reported increased communication regarding the illness, decreased parenting stress, and decreased anxiety or nervous feelings for children and teens. 


The wonders and worries program is for children ages 4 or older. For younger children, we offer parenting support to help caregivers navigate a diagnosis with younger children.

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