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Getting Started and First Session

Finding the right therapist is important for you and your child. This is why we offer free 15 minute consultations to determine if we are the right fit. 

During your free consultation, you will get a feel for how we approach therapy and what we could offer. Please be prepared to provide details about presenting concerns and other important details. Please let us know if you will be using insurance or will require super bills. ​For a consultation please call 443-454-4404 or email

Your first session will be an initial intake where we will discuss the presenting concerns, what has worked or not worked, and goals you want to work on. For insurance reimbursement, your child must be present during the intake. If there are concerns you'd like to discuss without the child present, please be prepared to have an extra adult with you so that we can talk privately. The intakes are scheduled for 60 minutes. 

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